The New Rules of Core Fitness

Crunches and planks won’t cut it. If you want to develop real, useful core strength, you need to work harder.

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If you work out in a gym, you’re getting weaker every day.  Seriously.

No Machine Can Do This

There is no machine that can mimic the complexity of the multi-contraction (concentric, eccentric, isometric), multi-dimensional (linear, curvilinear, twisting, rotatory), temporally-varied (fast-twitch, slow-twitch) movements that the human body has evolved to seamlessly execute.  So why are you limiting yourself to the repetitive, linear, core-stabilized, mid-range, peripheral, isolation moves of gym machines and exercises?  These are but the tiniest snapshots of movement that are easily mechanized and marketed.  You are capable of so much more.

According to fitness icon Laird Hamilton,

When you sit down on an exercise machine, with your back against a chair, you tend to shut down the rest of your body

Why You’re Getting Weaker

Think about it – you go to the gym and strap yourself into a chair complete with armrests, straps, leg and footrests, handles, and back supports.  What’s up with that? Are you going to the moon? Stabilizing your body in this way and then building disproportionate strength in one set of muscle fibers while all the others become progressively weaker in a relative sense is limiting your ability to move and making you weaker overall.

Mindless and Useless

Repetitive, linear, closed chains – the kind of exercise taught in a gym – is not movement.  Movement is so much more than the sum of its parts.  A challenging workout requires a continuous mix of technical, physical, and cerebral difficulty.  Powering through endless reps of linear isolation moves is mindless and useless.  It may bulk up specific bundles of muscle fiber but it will never give you the definition, agility and strength you could get from less time and effort spent in a smarter way – with holistic movement patterns that constantly challenge your body and mind with ever-changing alignments, loads, variations, and adaptations.  This type of challenge is, after all, how our bodies evolved into the incredibly finely-tuned wonders of movement that they are.

Burn More Fat In Less Time – Even While You Sleep

Your core workouts focus only on the surface fibers – but that’s a small percentage of the muscle fiber in your core.  There’s a much greater volume of muscle in the deep core.  This is important because muscle is the machine that burns fat.  The more muscle fiber you activate and stimulate with different alignments, loads, and movement patterns, the more fat you burn both during your workout and even during the time you’re not working out – this is known as NEAT – non exercise activity thermogenesis.

If you want results you’ve got to go where the money is – focus all your effort and every second of your workout time on optimizing the fat-burn.  In this case all the fat-burning action is in the deep core.

So you get a double bonus for stimulating the maximum number of muscle fibers during your workout – you actually burn more calories after your workout and for the rest of the day, every day – even while you sleep!

Use Your Brain To Train Your Body

Here are links to step-by-step tutorials that are engineered to stimulate the maximum number of deep core muscle fibers in the most varied dimensions and contraction types with the least amount of time and effort.  No gym or equipment is required and prepare to amaze yourself with dramatically better results from much smaller time investment than your current soul-crushingly boring repetitive gym routine:





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