How Exercise May Turn White Fat Into Brown

Exercise may aid in weight control and help to fend off diabetes by improving the ability of fat cells to burn calories.

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There’s new evidence that exercise can help you burn more calories while you sleep.

Eat Fat & Exercise

There’s new scientific evidence every year that weight loss is much more than the simple matter of calories consumed, and that exercise is much more than calories burned.

Fat is Good

When it comes to hunger and metabolism, there is good evidence that eating healthy fats will help you manage your hunger better, and it will also change your metabolism so you actually store fat differently – you will store less deep belly fat.

The Fat That Burns Calories

This is almost too good to be true – there is actually a type of fat – brown fat – that is metabolically active.  That is to say, it burns calories.  Babies have a lot of this type of fat – its purpose is to generate heat to help regulate body temperature.

How to Get More Brown Fat

Scientists used to think that adults had very little brown fat, but there is new evidence that there may be a way to increase your stores of brown fat and guess what? it’s that wonder drug called exercise.

That’s right, there’s a hormone called irisin produced during exercise that can convert the typical lazy form of white fat into brown fat.  Regular exercise can stimulate your muscles to produce irisin.  If you increase your stores of brown fat, you will actually burn more calories at rest – even while you sleep.

The Wonder Drug

So exercise not only makes you happier, younger, smarter, and healthier – it also helps you burn more calories while you sleep.





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