7 ‘Get Fit’ Tips to Avoid This Year

I know that you want to get healthy this year, because it’s the most popular New Year’s resolution. Plenty of people want to help you, too, with everything from diet tips to exercise suggestions. They’ll tell you to make some lifestyle changes, to download a new app, or even to buy a wearable fitness tracker (those probably don’t work, by the way). But with lots of advice floating around, there are bound to be bad suggestions—those rooted in confirmation bias, trendiness, and pretty much anything except scientific evidence.

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The #1 New Year’s resolution, to get healthy nearly doubled the runner-up of getting organized, and tripled the third place resolution of living life to the fullest.

Freezing off your fat, wearing a corset, taking pills, or  is not going to get you there, but you already know that.

There are 3 simple changes you can make right now that will have a dramatic impact on your overall health for the rest of your life.


Americans are chronically sleep deprived, and this affects the function of every body system from the brain on down.  You probably aren’t aware that drinking alcohol and staring at LED screens deprives you of the good quality deep sleep that your body needs to recharge.  So lay off the booze, read a book made of paper before bedtime, and set that bedtime an hour earlier.  The impact on your physical and mental health will be surprising and dramatic.

Eat Till You’re No Longer Hungry

When do you stop eating?  When you’re full?  Eating till you’re full is killing you.  It takes 20 minutes for your brain to fully register the fullness signals coming from your belly and bloodstream.  So you can circumvent that delay by stopping when you’ve eaten enough to take the edge off the hunger.  I used to have such a fear of hunger that I would stuff myself at every meal – thinking who knows when I’ll see food again.  But once I started the habit of just topping off, that anxiety melted away, and I started losing fat without even thinking about it.

Establish Trust In Your Future Self

If exercise were a pill it would be a wonder drug.  It makes you young, lean, smart, healthy and extends your life.  The reason it’s so hard to start and stick with an exercise program is that you’ve seen yourself fail too many times, so you’ve lost trust in your future self.  The way to re-establish this trust is to commit to a tiny micro-habit and observe yourself sticking to it.  It can be a 10-minute walk, or even a single pushup.  It’s not the behavior that matters but the trust you establish in yourself by doing it consistently.  Starting small today will form the foundation of trust which will allow you to take on bigger challenges, one step at a time.




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