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No fancy-schmancy diet plans!  These 3 simple weight loss secrets that are rarely talked about will get you started losing fat today!

Weight loss studies almost never talk about them.   Every weight loss study focuses on selling the latest trendy diet plan – paleo, gluten-free, low carb, bulletproof etc.

You don’t need a diet book or video to figure out the glaringly obvious problem, and the solution is just as obvious.

30 % of our calories come from alcohol and added sugar – the worst possible sources for energy or nutrition.

We are chronically sleep deprived – which has been shown in study after study to cause hunger, overeating, weight gain, and fat storage.

5 of the top 6 sources of calories in the U.S. diet are:

  • cookies, cakes, and donuts
  • bread
  • soda
  • pizza
  • alcohol

The Ultimate Weight Loss Study

Here is the simplest design for a weight loss study – one group lives like typical Americans, consuming 30 percent of calories from alcohol and sugar, and being chronically sleep-deprived.  Group 2 skips happy hour and dessert, and goes to bed an hour earlier.  I am certain that group 2 would lose weight without any fancy expensive diet plan.

Will anybody ever do this study?  I doubt it.

How Sugar Makes You Fat

Sugar sneaks into everything.  Here are just a few of the dozens of super-secret stealth names for sugar

  • agave nectar
  • evaporated cane juice
  • brown rice syrup

Sneaky huh?  No matter what you call it, if it tastes sweet, it’s sugar.

Empty calories.  Except for alcohol, sugar is the worst choice you can make as a source of energy or nutrition.

Makes You Hungry.  The spike and crash of blood sugar and insulin make you hungrier sooner, so you consume more calories

Bulges your belly.  Fructose, the sweet chemical in sugar, becomes deep belly fat.

Causes heart disease.  That deep belly fat is associated with LDL and triglycerides, the bad cholesterol, and increases the risk of heart disease

Desensitizes your sweet-taste buds, so you crave more sweets, and eat even more calories.

How Sleep Deprivation Makes You Fat

If you sleep less, you eat more, and you don’t know when to stop.  Less than 6 hours of sleep makes your hunger hormones go all cattywampus – hunger signals go up, fullness signals turn off.

A single night of 4 hours of sleep induces insulin resistance – making you store more fat.

Sleep loss is stressful.  Stress hormone (cortisol) rises, causing you to eat more and store more fat.

Extra time to nosh.  Going to bed earlier gives you less time to snack at night.

Slows your metabolism.  Loss of deep (slow wave) sleep deprives your muscles of restorative energy – so your resting metabolism drops and you burn fewer calories.

How Alcohol Makes You Fat

Makes you eat stupid.  The prefrontal cortex is the executive office of the brain – where all the important decisions are made.  Alcohol affects the prefrontal cortex, shutting down the smart decision machine.  So you make poor food choices for immediate pleasure without considering the consequences.

Increases belly fat.  Alcohol, like sugar, is broken down in the liver, resulting in the accumulation of deep belly fat.

Reduces deep sleep.  Alcohol might seem to help you get to sleep – but it actually decreases the quality of sleep.  Suppression of restorative sleep causes all the fat-inducing effects listed above.

Nutritionally empty calories.  Alcohol is the worst choice for energy or nutrition, so you have to eat more calories to get the energy and nutrients your body needs.

Did you know?

sleep loss stimulates cannabinoid receptors, making you eat like a stoner with the munchies.

Cutting added sugar out of children’s diet measurably improved their health in only 10 days

Alcohol ranks 6th on the list of top 10 calorie sources for Americans, accounting for a whopping 16% of our calories.  The reason you don’t know this is that alcoholic beverages don’t have nutritional information labels.


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