23 Things That Inevitably Happen When You Start Getting In Shape

Your body is ready.

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This is awesome but there are 2 HUUUUUUUUGE ones that they’re missing:


You Completely Reset The Bar on Health

Before I got into shape, I thought health was the same for everyone and that it was defined by the absence of illness.  Like most people, I figured slow, stiff, creaky, achy, weak, unstable joints were normal.


Every Joint Poppin’

Now I can see the truth clearly, and there’s no going back.  I don’t feel truly healthy anymore unless every joint is literally poppin’ with pain-free, rock-solid, strong, quick, agile mobility.  I recognize even the slightest twinge of pain in a tendon or joint and guess what I do? – No, I don’t rest it – I rehab it with exercise by re-orienting the muscle fiber activation within that joint to strengthen the fibers in all directions surrounding the stiff, creaky, or painful area.

Dragging Around a Lump of Flesh & Bone?

I spent decades feeling like I was dragging around a huge lump of flesh and bone before I realized that waking up with creaky knees, and a stiff neck and shoulders is not normal.  Wobbling when you step into your pants is not normal.  Breathlessness on bending to tie your shoes is not normal.  Holding on for support and grunting and groaning every time you stand up is not normal.

Own The Space Around You

Being in shape versus out of shape is literally flying versus walking – you’ll forever change your comprehension of the word “health” and you’ll start realizing the awesome power of the human body as a feel-good machine.  You’ll start owning the space around you rather than dragging yourself through it.

Other People Are Suddenly Wayyyyyy More Attracted To You


I can’t pinpoint the exact moment it happened, but one day I suddenly realized that I was seeing a lot more lot more flirtatious hair-flips, blushing, eye contact, and smiles from women who would have never even noticed me before.  I have no idea whether it had to do with the new sense of confidence I was exuding, or the completely altered shape of my body from rotund, slouchy & flabby to lean, angular, upright & linear.  There are certainly psychological studies to back up this observation but I didn’t need them – I knew what I was experiencing – like riding a wave of euphoria that just kept rolling.

Also, people love to be near someone who is succeeding at something, anything, whatever it is.  Probably has to do with the belief that some of that positive mojo will rub off on them.  If you’ve gone from fat to fit you know exactly what i’m talking about, and if you’re not there yet, keep at it – you’ll never want to go back.

Remember there are only 2 sure ways to fail – give up or not start.  So go for it!



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