10 Cool, New Weight Loss Gadgets from CES 2017

From a bed that will practically rock you back to sleep to a device that could get your kids more active, here are 10 of the best health and weight-loss gadgets that debuted at CES.

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Save your money on fitness trackers that don’t work, and invest in a sleep gadget.

Sleep the Weight Off

Hit the gym? or stay in bed? – Guess what? An hour of good quality sleep will do more to help you lose weight than an hour at the gym.  The reason is simple.  If you’re like most Americans you’re probably sleep-deprived.  Even if you spend 7+ hours in bed every night (which you probably don’t) you’re not getting all the restorative deep sleep your body needs.

Lack of sleep may be the primary reason you overeat because sleep regulates the hunger hormone ghrelin and the “I’m full” hormone leptin.  It also increases the stress hormone cortisol which stores more body fat and stimulates endocannabinoid production, which gives you the munchies.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warns that sleep deprivation increases your risk of obesity.

Alcohol and Blue Light

The most common offenders when it comes to sleep deprivation are alcohol and blue light.  While alcohol seems to make you sleepy, it actually suppresses the deepest, most restful phase of sleep which is critical in hormonal regulation and appetite control.  The blue light emitted by LED devices like smartphones and televisions suppresses the natural rising wave of melatonin in your body as the sun goes down.  Melatonin, along with adenosine, which builds up throughout the day with physical activity, are important sleep-inducing signals.  So the worst thing you can do before bed is have a nightcap and stare at your iPhone.  The best thing you can do is dim the lights, have a cup of chamomile tea, and listen to an audiobook.

Gadgets That Work

There are lots of gadgets out there to help you sleep better, like a “smart bed” which debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January.  It detects movement and actually adjusts to your sleep position to make you more comfortable.  It also lifts your head if you’re snoring.  By morning it has compiled all your movements and vital signs into an overall sleep score, so you can track your progress.

The Sleep Number 360


Light Therapy

Turning off the tech an hour before bedtime is the low-tech way to go, but if you’re a gadget freak like me, wake-up glasses and a smart sleep mask is the way to use chronotherapy to gain control of your body’s circadian rhythms (sleep and wake cycle).  Both Ayo and Neuroon use light to adjust your sleep cycle, so if you work long hours or travel a lot, this may be the solution for you.

Ayo and Neuroon use light to adjust your sleep cycle


The Coolest Looking New Sleep Gadget

Sense is definitely the coolest looking new sleep gadget, and my favorite because you can totally geek out on the features and analytics.  It’s voice activated, emits ambient sounds to help you get to sleep and remain in deep sleep, and monitors your sleep and environment.  Waking up from the deepest phases of sleep can leave you feeling groggy, stuck in so-called “sleep inertia“.  Sense beats sleep inertia by waking you up during the lightest phase, so you feel energized and refreshed.  The analytics include detailed breakdowns of your sleep cycle and all kinds of dorky metrics you can follow such as as wake variance, with suggestions on how to improve them.

Geek out on the coolest looking sleep gadget


There’s even a pillow, called Dreampad, which converts sounds into vibrations, with some scientific evidence backing up its effectiveness.  Finally, the Nightingale, which intelligently cancels bedroom noise, is based on research showing that, especially in cities, noise is a significant factor in sleep deprivation.


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