Looking Great Naked Isn't Magic, It's Science

Stop wasting your time with repetitive, one-dimensional, linear, core-stabilized, mid-range isolation moves that focus on bulking up muscle in one area.  Are you happy with the results you see in the mirror?  I didn't think so.

Admit it.

You want to check yourself out in the dressing room mirror, smile, and say "oh yeah...".  You want to shoot selfies from behind.  You know what I mean.  What would it feel like to be checked out in jeans, a bathing suit, or while undressing and hear the word "WHOA!"?

​Apply Anatomy and Biomechanics

​There are only 3 steps to accomplishing anything:

  • ​Decide to do it
  • Figure out how to do it (I've done that for you)
  • Do it

If you want to love the body you see in the mirror you've got to stop wasting your time, exhausting yourself with the standard moves that everyone else is doing.  You're accepting the limitations others are placing on you and frustrating your own efforts.

Start focusing your time and energy on sculpting all those specific areas - each line, curve angle, fold, cleft, overhang, tight tuck, firm jiggle, and hyper-defined muscle fiber - that YOU want to see in the mirror - that make you look great naked.

​Have you ever wondered why Olympic divers and Yogis have such perfect butts?  I have.  And I decided I wanted one too.  So I analyzed the anatomy and applied boimechanical principles to come up with a plan, a step-by-step system to sculpt the booty I wanted to see in the mirror.

These moves are specifically designed to stimulate the maximum number of muscle fibers in the least amount of time, and to focus all the effort on accentuating those anatomical landmarks that define a hot booty and make those areas pop - just like the divers and the yogis.

Check out the video below and click the button to download the step-by-step.  You've already taken step 1, "decide to do it".  I've done step 2 for you, so you're 2/3 of the way there, don't stop now!



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