What a Turtle Taught Me About Pushing My Limits

Last week after a torrential rain I came across a huge turtle in our driveway – it was obviously lost, probably displaced from a huge pond in in the back yard, maybe disoriented by the violent thunderstorm. We carried the turtle back to the grass near the pond and put it down – as soon as he got his bearings he scurried into the pond faster than I ever thought a turtle could move.  That turtle started me thinking : if he could move that fast, what could I do towards reaching my fitness goals?AL-red-bellied-turtle

Find someone to help push you– Just that little bit of support encouraging you to keep going in the face of resistance can mean so much. Having someone on your side may help counter-balance any negative thinking you may have. They can tell you to do more and motivate you into doing things outside of your comfort zone.Abstract Wycliffe Turtle

Take on a little more than you think you can- Pushing past your limits means taking on newer, progressively harder challenges. If you’re not challenging yourself to do bigger and better things on a regular basis, you’re only working within the confines of what you already can do. That’s a sure-fire way to stay exactly where you are and make little to no progress.

Imagine reaching your next level- Working on your dreams or goals can cause you to expend a lot of focus and energy.  Where you put that focus matters a lot. You might know where you are and where you were, but do you know where you need to go? Imagine that next level for reaching your dreams and take steps to get there. Or as I say, there are three steps to achieving anything in life. #1, Decide to do it. #2, Figure out how to do it. And #3, Do IT!!

Look at how others reached where you want to go- Whatever your goals are, there are probably others who have had them and succeeded in reaching them, perhaps your mentors or colleagues. Look to them for clues on what they did to push past their limits on their way to success. You’ll probably find a great deal that you can learn from examining the path that they took.

Inspire yourself to action– Find something that inspires you to reach your goals. Whether it is a video, quote or thought that inspires you to succeed, it should be something that fills you with passion and drive to get things done. Write it down. Print it out and put it on your refrigerator. Inspiration can be a very powerful motivational tool- use it!

Don’t stop until exhaustion– I’ve been known to push myself so hard that I reach exhaustion. Each time I work out, I try toward in a longer round of jump-yoga. I’ve worked on this blog for endless hours to get the HTML formatting and design just the way I want them to be. These tasks exhausted me, but they were necessary for me to exceed my goals.

Work on your weaknesses- Where there are weaknesses, there are limits. Just think about a marathon runner. They won’t be able to train very well for a marathon if they can’t find a good running stride or have poor nutrition. These are big areas of weakness that just makes training harder. Without correcting these issues,  your weaknesses will limit how far you can take yourself- aim for the stratosphere!


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