Training Tips from the World’s Greatest Athlete

The two time Olympic gold-medal winner and decathlon world record holder talks to us about the importance of focus, running, and coffee.

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Anyone who is serious about fitness should read this interview with Ashton Eaton.  My favorite response is to the question about the most overrated training advice –  his reply –  “I would label any advice that would have you do more of something as overrated.”

Why repetition kills motivation

That is my pet peeve about fitness advice in general – it’s all about repetition, and repetition kills motivation.  Why?

  • It’s boring
  • It’s exhausting
  • It counterproductive to the results you really want

When you go to the gym, hire a trainer, or watch a video, what you get is repetitive, one-dimensional, linear, core-stabilized, mid-range isolation moves.  Doing them over and over is a sure way to bore and exhaust yourself.  If you do the math you’re really spending 90-plus percent of your reps and your workout time on moves that aren’t targeted at results.

Perfect training day

When asked about his perfect training day, Eaton’s response was “A struggle, a breakthrough, and something gained mentally.”  That’s awesome advice – scientific studies on motivation show that the best way to motivate yourself is with tasks that are at or just beyond your current abilities.

Don’t be one of those people!

Most people shy away from curvilinear, multi-dimensional, movement challenges in the liminal zone at the edge of their capabilities.  Don’t be one of those people!  The reason is usually fear, of failure or injury.  If you learn how to properly and safely push into that zone every day, the constant adaptation and micro-variation required will keep your mind and body in a continuous state of being challenged. This will not only motivate you but it will also keep you young. Imagine the confidence of being able to do a little bit more every tomorrow than you could do yesterday. When you reach that point, chronological age becomes inconsequential.

Every second of every rep

So why not push your limits every day and design every second of every rep of every move to laser-focus on the only results that matter – the ones you see in the mirror.

The only results that matter

If you can’t dance naked in front of a mirror then your workouts are a waste of time.  Stop wasting time and energy and start seeing results – learn how to challenge yourself to make every move and every second of every workout count.


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