changing the macronutrient ratios of your diet, increasing protein and fat intake instead of carbs, is the most important thing you can do to help you reach your weight loss goals

This Might Be the Reason You’re Not Losing Weight

When designing a weight-loss meal plan, it might be time to look further down the label than the calorie count and start focusing on upping your protein

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Stop Counting Calories … Think Macronutrient Ratios

Best advice for weight loss – stop counting calories and start thinking macronutrient ratios.

Don’t know what a macronutrient is?  Don’t worry, you’re not alone.  Here’s a simple introduction to the basics of nutrition.

All the energy we need to live comes from only 3 different macronutrients in our food: proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.  Scientific research shows that the ratio of these three components of your diet will make all the difference when it comes to weight loss.  One major reason is that proteins and fats fill you up and suppress hunger, while sugar and refined carbohydrates make you hungrier so you eat more.

Proteins are Naturally Packaged With Fats

Proteins are naturally paired with different types of fats:

  • Nuts and plants, like almonds and avocados, contain the healthiest type of fat (mono-unsaturated).
  • Fish, like salmon and mackerel, contain polyunsaturated omega-3s, the next best kind.
  • Animal products, like beef and dairy products, contain healthy proteins but their fat is the saturated kind, which has been linked to heart disease.

Hunger control is just one of the benefits of increasing your protein and fat intake.  A diet with a higher protein and fat content actually changes your metabolism in your favor – you burn more fat and you store less deep belly fat.

What About Carbs?

Educating yourself about carbohydrates can also help you increase your protein intake and lose weight.  Here’s one habit you can change right now that will help you reach your weight loss goals: Instead of cereal in a box or package, try a whole grain recipe for breakfast (like this chocolate banana quinoa).  Believe it or not some unrefined whole grains have more than half the protein of beef, without the saturated fat!



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