This 1 Science-Backed Rule Is All You Need to Stay Motivated

The road to success is long. Stick it out with this research-backed trick.

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This is much better than a fitness tracker.

You can apply science and technology to make this rule work for you.  Use an interval app like Seconds to design workouts of varying intensity.  Then choose the workout each day that fits your energy level for that day.

You can also build in wild card intervals and whining intervals to add self-compassion to your workout – which has been shown to be an important component to continuing motivation.

The real advantage of this approach is that the varying intensity subtly dials up your expectations of yourself from an “all-or-none” paradigm to an “I’m doing something every day” approach.  This changes your goals from a results-based footing to an identity-based one, which has been shown to have a powerful positive effect on motivation.  Now you can master the day-to-day achievement of being the person who does some physical activity every day, instead of striving to be some distant abstract future you who might never reach your stated goal.

Plus, the random reward of rest and whining intervals has been shown by neuroscience to be the most powerful motivator to continue.

Finally, there is the measurable outcome.  A measurable outcome like your cardiopulmonary system handling the workout more smoothly every day is much more powerful than a number on a fitness tracker.  You can feel the results in how your body responds to exercise – in energy and endurance – so you feel more energized and equipped to take on the world that day.




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