Imagine loving your selfie - you can change the shape of your body

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The selfie is sometimes linked to low self-esteem and low life satisfaction, but it depends on your personality.

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Do you love your selfie?

Do you love your body?  Can you imagine loving your body?

Have you been told you can’t change the shape of your body?  That it’s genetics, fixed metabolism, or destiny?

Can you imagine loving your body?

Judging by the more than $60 Billion Americans spend on weight loss and exercise programs, most people don’t love the body they see in selfies and in the mirror.  How many of those people will actually put their brain and willpower to use to sculpt a body that they will love?  The sad statistical truth is not many.


A lot is written about the health consequences of being overweight or obese, but what about happiness?  I know exactly how it felt to wake up every morning living inside a body I hated, and I now know exactly how it feels to love the body I see in my selfies and in the mirror.


Two-thirds of Americans are overweight or obese.  I imagine the sadness of all those people who don’t love the body they wake up in every morning as a dark cloud hanging over us.  What about the psychological consequences of all that sadness?

Only 3 steps

Guess what?  You CAN change the shape of your body.

There are only 3 steps to getting there:

  1. Analyze – shoot some selfies of angles and of body parts you like, then shoot some of angles and of body parts you don’t like.
  2. Educate – Learn the basic anatomy of the body areas you want to change.
  3. Do it!  – Apply biomechanical principles to sculpting the body that you will love.

Forget about counting calories and starving yourself.  Forget about exhausting yourself with repetitive, boring, exhausting exercise programs that don’t work.  There are much easier ways to get started.

I’ve already done steps 2 and 3 for you, so get started shooting those selfies now!



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