The Definitive Superfood Ranking

It seems like everything these days is considered a superfood, so we decided to look into which of these foods are actually research-backed and which ones are all hype.

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Superfoods don’t cancel out donuts


As Richard Feynman once said, “your self is the easiest person to fool”.


Are you using “superfoods” as an excuse to eat junk food?  As if eating a superfood cancels out a donut?. I know I did this for a long time and thus rationalized getting fat with the belief that I was eating “healthy”.  One day I took a good look at “The Blob” in the mirror and I realized that I was fooling myself.


I know I’m not the only one because  a recent report in the Harvard health blog on Americans’ calorie sources reported that most of our calories come from cookies, donuts, soda, pizza, and alcohol.


Guess what?  The real superfood is the pizza or cookie that you don’t eat.  Eating healthy is really as simple as driving past the drive-thru.


Think of it this way – it’s not the superfood itself but what the superfood is replacing that really matters, and its effect on your hunger and metabolism.


Blueberries and Salmon


Having said that, I’m happy to see blueberries and salmon near the top of the list of superfoods, but I would put them there for much different reasons.


Hunger management is THE game-changer for weight loss.  Salmon is an example of a food that delivers healthy protein along with healthy fat (the omega-3s DHA and EPA).  There is good scientific evidence that consumption of these fats reduces your risk of heart disease and dementia.  But the hunger control effect of healthy protein and fat will have an even greater impact on reducing your risk of obesity, which will dramatically reduce your risk of diabetes, stroke, heart disease, and cancer, all of which are leading killers.


Sugar is the other key to weight loss, mainly because fructose, the sweet chemical in sugar, stimulates hunger, desensitizes you to sweets and is stored as deep belly fat.

Berries have the lowest fructose content of any fruit, which is the real reason they rock as a superfood (not the oligomeric proanthocyanidins).  Think about it – you can put any amount of sugar into a cereal box or cookie batter, but nature has a built-in limit on how much fructose is delivered in fruit per gram of fiber and other nutrients.  So eating berries as your sweet treat controls your hunger and sensitizes you to sweets – dialing down your cravings.  Nothing will help you progress toward your weight loss goals quicker than making berries the sweetest thing you eat all day.  They also reduce the risk of heart disease and reduce post-exercise stress in athletes.



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