Scientific Fitness findings exposed in 2016

Life-Changing Scientific Fitness Findings of 2016

Two numbers are particularly emblematic of what science had to tell us abut fitness this year: 42 percent and $2,500.

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Dude, these are nothing short of life-changing scientific fitness findings that were only discovered THIS YEAR!  So, seriously, listen up.

This first one is my favorite – you can actually feed your brain with exercise.  We’re not talking metaphorically here.  The study showed that exercise was like pizza for the brain – you heard me right, pizza!

Students were allowed to eat as much of their favorite pizza as they wanted after intense mental activity and when they exercised first they actually ate less.

The mechanism has to do with blood glucose and lactate levels but the bottom line is that there is actually a difference between brain hunger and muscle hunger and you can suppress brain hunger by working out.

The other astonishing findings were that exercise produces hormones that can change fat cells from the lazy kind (white fat) to the kind that burns calories (brown fat).  Exercise also produces proteins that cause brain cells to produce new neurons.  And not just any neurons, but neurons with a kind of “superpower” – the ability to multitask.  These neurons are able to enhance completely unrelated cognitive skills.

Finally, studies this year showed that your risk of premature death is increased by 42 percent if you are out of shape, which is almost as bad as smoking.  Any exercise, even walking, will also save you an average of $2,500 annually on medical costs.

If there were a pill that made you lean, smart, extended your life, and saved you money, would you take it?  There is, it’s called exercise.  So what are you waiting for?


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