Quick Workout: 60-Second Exercise Moves

Exercise makes you lean, strong, healthy, happy, smart, and it keeps you young.  Astonishing for something you can do in one minute a day!

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These power exercises, done for a minute at a time, can help you get in shape. Do each for 60 seconds, three times, with short breaks in between.

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Intensity Over Time

Fitness is undergoing a revolution of sorts.  Several recent well-designed scientific studies conclusively show that you can make up in exercise intensity what you lose in time.  This is awesome news because the days of soul-sucking boredom slogging away on the treadmill for hours are over.  Intense interval workouts of as short as one minute have been shown to have all the same benefits as working out for hours.

In order to really get the benefits of these brief blasts of exercise, you need to learn how to push your own limits.  That means understanding you breathless threshold and why your muscles “feel the burn”.

Breathless Threshold

Choose one of these exercises (burpees, jumping jacks, Squats, reverse lunges, side lunges).  Before you go for the full 60 seconds, try this drill:

  1. Stop at your first breathless threshold (as soon as you feel your heart skip in your chest and your breathing rate accelerates).
  2. Recover until you can speak a full sentence in one breath.
  3. Then start again, breathing (shallow inhale and quick blowing exhale) through your first threshold, to the second time you feel your heart and breath quicken.
  4. Recover again – notice how long each threshold takes to reach.
  5. When you are comfortable breathing through your thresholds all the way to 60 seconds, you are ready to add a new interval after recovery.

Feeling The Burn

If you have to do a lot of reps before you feel the burn in your muscles, then your reps are too easy.  This is because you will get the greatest metabolic benefit from exercises that stimulate new muscle fibers in new dimensions.

There are 3 reasons you feel the burn:

  1. Pounding the same set of fibers over and over until they are damaged with tears (micro-trauma).
  2. Depletion of muscle glycogen and buildup of lactic acid.
  3. Stimulation of new fibers with different types of contractions and loads you haven’t experienced before.

The first are a waste of time and energy.   You spend 80-90% of your workout time just getting you muscle fibers to a state of exhaustion.  Only the third one will get you the results you want to see in the mirror – lean, toned, defined muscle, with the least amount of effort and time wasted.

Wonder Drug

If exercise were a pill, it would be a wonder drug.  It makes you lean, strong, healthy, happy, smart, and it keeps you young.  That’s an astonishing claim for something you can do in one minute a day!  I always tell my students that tomorrow is the second-best day to start, so why not start today?  There is no better time and getting started is the hardest step toward accomplishing any goal.

Wouldn’t you like to be the kind of person who does some type of physical activity every day?   Time is no longer an excuse – so check out these 60-second workouts and my other posts on how anyone can start interval training today.

Go for it!  You will be amazed at what your body can do.



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