Negative Reps Help You Do Exercises You Thought Were Impossible

If you can’t do a push-up, the key may be forgetting for a moment about pushing yourself up. Instead, lower yourself down from a push-up position—and reap even more benefits. The same trick works for pull-ups and other challenging exercises: that’s the power of “negative” reps.

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Reps are old-school

Forget about reps!  Who’s got time for repetitive, linear, one-dimensional, core-stabilized, mid-range moves?  They’re not only an exhausting waste of time, but they require a painfully long recovery time.  And what about results?  Is all that time at the gym giving you the body you want to see in the mirror?  I didn’t think so

Do You Know the Different Types of Muscle Fatigue?

Get to know the different types of muscle fatigue (see this simple infographic) and build an interval workout that incorporates curvilinear motion with a combination of concentric, eccentric and isometric contraction that stimulates the maximum number of muscle fibers in the least amount of time, and that pushes you just to the edge of your limits on individual muscle fatigue and strength.

The Quickest, Easiest Way

This is the quickest, easiest path to that cut, ripped, shredded, individual muscle fiber definition you want to see in the mirror, instead of the bulky blob you see now.

e8f2093a-1c30-4851-8c1a-eca1f5143b82.jpgAre you guilty of these pushup saboteurs? See the biggest pushup mistakes you’re making, and learn how to fix them today.

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