Tired of wasting time at the gym and not seeing the results you want?

Here’s why.  Repetitive Linear isolation exercises, like pulldowns, stimulate muscle fibers in only one direction.  These exercises are designed for body builders, gym rats, meatheads, fitness models – people who do this for a living, who spend 3 hours a day at the gym and whose diet consists of pills and powders.

Those moves might work fine to build bulk in one dimension, but what you want to see in the mirror, what gives you the lean, shredded look you want is curvilinear circumferential multi-dimensional moves that stimulate the maximum number of muscle fibers in all directions.

First, study the anatomy

lat anatomy 13If you want to sculpt your latissimus fibers and get that rippling delineation between muscle fibers, you need to analyze the direction of the fibers and stimulate them in a curvilinear, circumferential way.  You can stimulate the maximum number of fibers running in all different directions, so you’re not exhausting a single group of fibers.  You’ll not only get better definition but you’ll get it quicker because you’ll be able to hit all of those fibers with more intensity because you’ll avoid that uni-directional fatigue that repetitive linear isolation exercises are targeted for.

The purple lines in the diagram show the direction of pull of the latissimus fibers.  They wrap around the side of the rib cage in curvilinear fashion.  They also change direction significantly as they traverse the lower back and insert on the inside of the upper arm bone.

Now, apply it

These exercises are all isometric, which means the muscle doesn’t actually move but the fibers contract with the intention of motion.  You can do them anywhere – no machines or weights required, and once you become accustomed to the kinesthetic cues of what’s going on in your latissimus fibers, you’ll see just how quickly you can work your latissimus fibers in many different directions to obtain the exact look you want.  So stop exhausting yourself building bulk with a single linear movement and start sculpting the body you’ll love.



Lat Showdown Infographic


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