10 Most Impossible Calisthenics Exercises Bodyweight Training Arena

The top 10 Most impossible callisthenics exercises ever. Check out get inspired and start training now with no equipment, no money just your bodywieght

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Take the breathtaking complexity of human movement, deconstruct and reduce it to what can be mechanized and marketed, and what you get is “exercise” that makes you weak and flabby.


Look around.  Does the average member of your gym look lean, sculpted, agile, strong, toned, and defined?  Why not?


Haven’t you ever wondered why you can workout every day just like your doctor and your trainer recommend but never see the results you want in the mirror?  They all tell you that you’re in good health, great shape, making progress, bla bla bla… but you still don’t love, or even like, the body you’re living in.


Face it.  If you can’t dance naked in front of a mirror and love what you see from every angle then your workouts are a waste of time.  I know.  I joined all the expensive gyms, hired the best trainers, bought all the workout gear and strapped on every high-tech gadget and I still hated the body I saw in the mirror.  It wasn’t until I stopped “exercising” and started moving that I actually started to see results.


I incorporate at least one challenge move that is beyond the threshold of my abilities into my interval training every day.  That forces me to acknowledge and confront my limits and make an effort to push beyond them every day.  It is also a powerful way to focus the mind.  After all, the biggest gains are made within the thin zone at the edge of our capabilities, when we are challenged not only physically, but also technically and mentally.


Some of the moves depicted in this post are insanely difficult, yet I have already taught myself to do some variations, like the one-handed superman plank, finger plank, and a modified “Bruce Lee” pickup (which is similar to the Nakayama planche in the video).  When I do them not only do I feel the burn right away (THE key component and sign that you are challenging your muscles at a new level beyond your limitations), but since I am starting from zero, I am also able to notice even the tiniest hints of progress.


When even a few new muscle fibers are activated and they kick into gear to, say, lift my legs even a single millimeter more in the “Bruce Lee” pickup than yesterday, or smooth out and slow down the controlled “swing-thru” from handstand to staff pickup, I get a dopamine rush in my brain from the feeling that my body is getting stronger and more agile as it pushes through limits that seemed impossible only yesterday.


It literally boggles the mind – yesterday’s impossible limits become tomorrow’s active rest phases.  Really.  If you follow this pattern of training you will find that the challenge moves you introduced just a few weeks or months ago have now become almost mindless rest phases.


This is an astonishing phenomenon that has a remarkable effect on motivation that can never be replicated by some repetitive, linear, closed chain “cardio” machine, or core-stabilizing mid-range isolation weight-lifting machine, both of which limit you to an incredibly narrow range of movement complexity.  Would you rather do one more rep on the shoulder press machine or master the negative handstand pushup?


That feeling, of getting stronger and more agile, is literally age-defying.  I mean, in what sense am I getting older if I can perform feats of extraordinary strength, stamina, and agility that I couldn’t do a week, a month, a year, or even several decades ago?  Imagine what I will be able to do a year from now!



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