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Here are 3 strategies to help you overcome the challenges of getting older, so you can be a badass for life.

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If there were a pill that made you younger every day, would you take it?

I do a new jump-yoga interval training workout every morning at Lake Worth beach.  The most common question people ask me is – how old are you?

The subtext is clear – they simply can’t believe some of the moves I can do at age 53.  I can hardly believe it – I’m talking about moves like eagle handstand and lotus scorpion.

The more challenging moves that I can now execute with ease and style are things that I couldn’t imagine my body doing 10, 20, or even 30 years ago.  What’s up with that?

The graphs in this article show that a regular exerciser at age 80 can have the strength, flexibility, and motor control of a non-exerciser at age 20.

It’s clear that a lifelong habit of daily exercise is literally the fountain of youth.  If you are becoming stronger, more flexible, and more fit every day, in what sense are you actually aging?

You can even take this powerful principle one step further.

If you are working out at a gym or with a trainer, you are most likely doing a low variety repetition of routine linear, mid-range movements that were designed to bulk-up a specific bundle of muscle fibers while stabilizing the rest of your body.  You sit in a chair and work one muscle while the rest of your body literally shuts down.  The result is specifically strengthened tissues next to weak underdeveloped ones, leading to deformity and unhealthy loads, reducing overall strength, agility and mobility.

That conventional model of fitness training deconstructs human movement into tiny one-dimensional slices. It reduces the broad range of human movement to a narrow type of ‘exercise’ that can be mechanized and marketed.  So stop exercising like a machine and start moving like a human.

You don’t have to accept the limitations other people place on your movement.  You were given a whole body so why not use it every day?  THE game-changer is new, holistic movement patterns that constantly challenge your body and mind with ever-changing alignments, loads, variations, and adaptations.  This type of challenge is, after all, how our bodies evolved into the incredibly finely-tuned wonders of movement that they are.

Most people shy away from curvilinear, multi-dimensional, movement challenges in the liminal zone at the edge of their capabilities. Don’t be one of those people!  The reason is usually fear, of failure or injury.

If you learn how to properly and safely push into that zone every day, the constant adaptation and micro-variation required will keep your mind and body in a continuous state of being challenged. This will not only motivate you but it will also keep you young. Imagine the confidence of being able to do a little bit more every tomorrow than you could do yesterday. When you reach that point, chronological age becomes inconsequential.







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