Here’s Why Cow’s Milk Doesn’t Do a Body Good

Here’s why dairy milk is one of the worst nutritional choices you can make.

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Why Lactose is a Bad Choice

Lactose, the sugar in dairy milk, has one of the highest insulinemic indexes of any sugar.  This means that it causes a rapid spike in insulin levels, which is followed by a drop in blood sugar.

Effect on Hunger

So of all the nutritional choices you can make, dairy milk will have the greatest impact on hunger.  The onset of hunger that follows the insulin spike may result in overindulgence and binge eating.

Almond Milk

Almond milk has a mix of carbohydrates, most of which are disaccharides (2-molecule chains of simple sugar molecules), and a low ratio of simple sugars, which have the greatest effect on hunger.  The fat in almond milk slows digestion so it keeps you feeling fuller longer, and it’s mono-unsaturated, which is the healthiest type for your heart.

Almond Milk has mono-unsaturated fat - the healthiest kind, and no lactose.

Almond Milk has mono-unsaturated fat – the healthiest kind, and no lactose.

Coconut Milk

Coconut milk has the lowest carbohydrate content of the three, with less than one gram per serving and no sugar.  It’s also more filling because of the fat content, the only downside being that it is the saturated kind, so it’s not as healthy as the fat in almond milk.

Best Choice

Your best choice is an unsweetened almond-coconut blend.



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