14 Modern Fitness Myths Busted

14 Modern Fitness Myths Busted

Fact-checking trusted training maxims.

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If you only correct 2 misconceptions about your fitness this year, these 2 will give you the biggest impact by far:


  • Fat doesn’t make you fat
  • Visualize your workouts


It’s the sugar in your diet that’s making you fat.  Did you know that the average American could reduce calorie intake by 30 percent merely by eliminating the nutritionally empty calories of added sugar and alcohol.

These calories are not only nutritionally empty, they also don’t satisfy, so they make you hungry sooner and lead to binge eating.  Even worse, they’re metabolized in the liver and converted to deep belly fat.  Guess what does suppress hunger?  You got it – it’s fat.  Not the kind in chips and bagged snacks that makes you eat more, but the healthy kind, in almonds, avocados, olives, and coconut.

This doesn’t mean you can’t eat anything sweet, just try limiting your sweets to fruits, and add some nuts and coconut to the mix.  If you’re used to donuts and candy bars there will be an adjustment period but your sweet taste receptors will adapt and you will soon gain the same satisfaction from fruits.  Berries are the best because they have the lowest concentration of fructose and the highest levels of protein, fiber, and phytonutrients.

So try it for a week – make fruit the sweetest thing you eat all day.  A clever psychological hack to increase your chances of success is to position a clear bowl of fresh fruit at eye level in your fridge so it’s the first thing you see when you open the door.

The other busted fitness myth that you can put to work for you today is that visualization improves performance for all levels of athletes.  If there is something you want to achieve, like a handstand, take a minute to visualize yourself floating up into a perfect handstand every day.  As you pursue your goal the visualization technique will help you simply because you are seeing the result as possible.  The biggest obstacle to achieving any fitness goals is just getting started, and visualization is a way of tricking your subconscious into thinking you’re already on the way before you even start.  Your subconscious wants to believe what you tell it, so tell it you’re an athlete and guess what?  You are.



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