Put the new science of eating to work for you to lose weight on autopilot with simple tricks and tweaks

3 Ridiculously Easy Tricks To Lose Weight On Autopilot in 2017

Forget Counting Calories.  Give Up Deprivation Diets.  Sell Your Scale on eBay.

Listen up - you can apply new scientific findings to start losing weight in 2017 without even thinking about it.

The average American has gained 30 pounds over the past 20 years.  That might sound like a lot but when you do the math, it actually comes down to less than 10 calories a day, which is like 2 peanut M&Ms.

Seriously, 2 Peanut M&Ms!

What that means is that simply maintaining your weight - that is not gaining weight - should be ridiculously easy.  But what about weighing less at the end of 2017 than you do now?

​According to Brian Wansink Ph.D., Author of Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than We Think, In one year's time you will gain or lose approximately one pound for every 10 calories you add or eliminate every day.

Simple Math

The math is pretty simple: cut out one can of Coke (140 calories) per day, lose 14 pounds.  Forego a candy bar (270 calories) a day, lose 27 pounds.  Give up a 420-calorie donut a day, lose 42 pounds.  All by January 1st, 2018

  • 1 can of Coke per day - lose 14 pounds
  • 1 candy bar per day - lose 27 pounds
  • 1 donut per day - lose 42 pounds

​There's an Easier Way

Now I know what you're thinking: you don't want to give up that donut, that Snicker's bar, or that can of Coke.  Well there is a much easier way to cut out that same number of calories and not feel the least bit deprived.

​Do This On New Year's Day

This is powerful stuff: scientific studies show that a few simple tricks and tiny tweaks to re-engineer your environment will actually have a significant impact on what you eat AND how much you eat.  You can implement all of these changes in 5 minutes or less.  The result will actually be weight loss on autopilot for the whole year.

​Step 1 - What You See is What You Eat 

​Are you ready for this?  You are 3 times more likely to eat the first thing you see than the 5th thing you see.  So your first trick to start losing weight is just moving a few things around.

Why is it that everybody hides their fruits and vegetables in those little drawers at the bottom of the fridge where they get wet and rotten?  That little quirk is causing you to gain weight because fresh produce is the last thing you'll see when you open the refrigerator.

Store fruit in clear bowls and at eye level

Store fruit in clear bowls and at eye level

Even worse, you have to work harder to get to those fruits & veggies because you have to open those little drawers and for some reason they're the kind of drawers that always seem to jam and never open smoothly.

So here's the fix: move all of your fresh produce to eye level.  In fact, reserve the eye-level shelf and the container in the door for fruits and veggies only.  Get some ​zip-bags, stackable tupperware containers and an attractive bowl to display all the delicious fruit you buy rather than hiding it away to rot in drawers that you can't see and are hard to open.

Now apply the same logic to your cupboard - healthy snacks and foods like nuts and tuna right up front at eye level.  Cookies, cakes, and candy go high, low, and way back - easy, right?​

​Step 2 - Bag It Up

​Here's another weird scientific finding: how much you eat is determined by the size of the container you're eating from.  This was confirmed with more than 47 products by Dr. Wansink's lab.  These studies included people eating twice as many M&Ms from a 1 pound bag versus a half-pound bag.  In fact, we use more of all kinds of products when they come in bigger packages, including dog food and shampoo.

You eat twice as many M&Ms from a big bag versus a small one

You eat twice as many M&Ms from a big bag versus a small one

Th​e reason is that we look for external cues to tell us how much to eat instead of simply relying on  our own feelings of hunger and fullness.  The studies show that there is a 20% "error-bar" extending in both directions, which means that you will eat an average of 20% more or less depending on the size of the container.

Remembering our math we learned in the introduction above, for a single 250 calorie snack a day, that 20% margin can add up to 25 pounds over the course of a year.  Would you rather weigh 25 pounds more or less a year from now?

The action step here is simple​: put your snacks in smaller packages.  Get some small zip-close baggies.  Buy the ones with the actual slider-zipper, not the zip-strip, because the sliders are much easier to open and close and they will keep your food fresher.

if this seems like a lot of work, just get started with the worst offenders - chips, cookies and candy.  Take them out of their original packages and divide them up into 5 to 7 smaller baggies.  Remember the idea here isn't to measure precisely but rather to simply start eating snacks out of smaller containers.  You will magically eat 20% less on average every time you pick up a bag of snacks.  And those bags will be harder to pick up since they'll be low down, high up, or way back.

​Step 3 - Clarity vs. Opacity

Cover plates and bowls of cakes and cookies with aluminum foil

Cover plates and bowls of cakes and cookies with aluminum foil

This final step takes step 1 above to the next level.  Start making use of the different opacity of containers and kitchen wraps as an external cue of what to eat.

You can see through plastic wrap, so use it to cover bowls of healthy leftovers, tuna, salads, fruits and vegetables.   Cover plates of cake and other leftover desserts or sweets with aluminum foil.

​In fact, store healthy protein like leftover salmon or tuna and fresh produce in glass bowls or clear containers so you always see them first.

​Remember those baggies of cookies, chips, and candy you portioned out earlier?  Wrap them in aluminum foil too, or put them into an opaque container in the back of your cupboard, making them harder to see and to reach.

​When you're done you should open your refrigerator to see a nice clear glass bowl full of healthy fruit, surrounded by  clear tupperware containers of vegetables and healthy leftovers.  The desserts will be exiled to low shelves and the way back.

​What Are You Waiting For?

Imagine losing 25 pound by New Year's Day 2018 without dieting, counting calories, or even thinking about what you eat.  Take these 3 ridiculously easy steps right now, before New Year's Day, and put the latest science of eating to work for you to lose weight on autopilot through all of 2017.


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