Balancing Stick Yoga Pose (Tuladandasana)

The balancing stick pose will give the circulatory system a good workout.

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The key to hyper-defining the gluteal muscles is multi-planar isometric contraction.  In the air-leg, the gluteal fibers that extend the thigh remain contracted while the weight of that leg, under the force of gravity, is twisting the pelvis toward the ground.  So the opposite gluteal rotational fibers have to remain isometrically contracted to hold the pose.

This can be sharply contrasted to any type of glute exercise that stabilizes the core or pelvis.  In that case, you lose the wobble that activates the rotational fibers.

The bottom line is that core-stabilized, linear isolation moves are a waste of time when you can activate so many more muscle fibers and mitochondria by destabilizing the core and pelvis and using isometric contractions versus the force of gravity.


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