Are You Living a Default Life?

The many ways we act by default (without even knowing it).

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Don’t be trapped by dogma — which is living with the results of other people’s thinking.

Steve Jobs

Everyone who has ever tried to get fit should read this article about how we live our lives by default settings and rarely if ever think about the choices that are made for us.  It really made me think about defaults and personal limits.

How do default settings affect the way you eat and exercise?  Did you determine the portions of food you ate today or did someone else?  If it was you, did you stop eating when your hunger was satiated, or do you feel compelled to clean your plate?  You were probably eating today in default mode.

What about the ingredients in your food?  According to a recent article in The Atlantic, more than half of the American diet is “ultra-processed” and those foods account for 90% of U.S. added sugar intake (which is about 15% of our calories).  Would you choose to eat that much sugar if it weren’t processed into your food?

How fit can you get?  Can you love the body you see in the mirror?  Who set those limits?  Was it a cardio machine at the gym?  A trainer?  How many 1-arm pushups can you do?  Why can you do hundreds of 2-legged, wide-leg, mid-range squats but not a single full-range 1-legged squat?  These are default settings that have crept into your belief system about your own personal limitations.  Those limitations aren’t real.

Do you wake up every morning loving the body you live in?  Looking back, I can see now that when I hated my body I was accepting “default settings” that set limitations on what I could do.  I never dreamed my body would be capable of the moves I now do every morning.  Now I wake up inside a body I love – I’m no longer living a default life.



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