5 SoulCycle instructors give us their most coveted possessions: their playlists.


Soul Cycle instructors' playlists

I asked five SoulCycle instructors for their most coveted possessions — their playlists.

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Here are my top three songs for motivation:

Lose Yourself

The toughest step in any task is getting started.  My go-to pump-me-up song is Eminem’s “Lose Yourself”.

Going The Distance

If you find your energy flagging while running up a mountain trail or pushing through a difficult set of reps, the best crescendo for motivation is Bill Conti’s “Going the Distance” from the original Rocky movie.

Remember The Name

Need to re-energize or maintain motivation during a workout?  Try Fort Minor’s “Remember the Name”.

What about those dorky, nerdy feel-good songs on our workout playlists that we don’t tell anyone about?  Mine are Rose Royce’s “Car Wash”, the Austin Powers Theme, Cameo’s “Word Up”, and Silento’s “Watch Me”.

Music is MotivationMusic is Motivation

The top 25 workout songs chosen by our readers to get you motivated to hit the weights.

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