30-Minute Holiday Workouts

Seven do-anywhere sweat sessions that you can bang out in under 30 minutes

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These 30:30 workouts from Outside magazine are a great way to start interval training using your exercise of choice – biking, swimming, or running.


If you’re traveling during the holidays, all you need to take with you is a jumprope and gym shoes, and you can do an interval workout anywhere.


Get the most out of your workout time by incorporating active rest phases, especially core moves, as rest intervals.


If you’re a beginner, 30 seconds of jumprope may seem like a  lot and a whole minute may seem downright impossible.  Don’t worry, your endurance will improve dramatically and quickly if you do these intervals a few times a week.


At first, identify your own breathless threshold using this technique:


  1. Stop at your first breathless threshold (as soon as you feel your heart skip in your chest and your breathing rate accelerates).
  2. Recover until you can speak a full sentence in one breath.
  3. Then start again, breathing (shallow inhale and quick blowing exhale) through your first threshold, to the second time you feel your heart and breath quicken.
  4. Recover again – notice how long each threshold takes to reach.
  5. When you are comfortable breathing through your thresholds all the way to 60 seconds, you are ready to add a new interval after recovery.


Here’s a beginner 5-minute workout to start with:

  1. Regular jumprope for 30 seconds
  2. Plank for 30 seconds
  3. High-knee stepping jump rope for 30 seconds
  4. Side plank for 30 seconds
  5. Boxer shuffle jump rope for 30 seconds
  6. Superman plank for 30 seconds (see images)
  7. Jumping jack jump ropes for 30 seconds
  8. Squat stance for 30 seconds
  9. Regular jumprope for 30 seconds
  10. Standing lunge for 30 seconds




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