Destroy Hunger – 3 steps

Once you feel it it's already too late.  You're spontaneously salivating at the thought of food, distracted, weak, and hollow in your belly and behind your eyes.  You can't think of anything but how you're going to get some food into your mouth quickly.

Reaching this stage of hunger guarantees that you'll overeat.  Your rational mind will begin to distort portion sizes to make them seem tiny.  The normal mechanisms that tell you when to stop will shut down.

You can prevent this state of affairs with a simple strategy: deploy an army of hunger-killers before you're hungry.  Here are some simple ones to get you started:

Delay Dessert

I love warm pecan pie with ice cream - i can't resist it.  No matter how full I am, by some miracle of modern physics, there always seems to be enough room in my belly for warm pecan pie with ice cream.   Guess what?  I don't have to resist it.  Just try this simple proven trick.  Eat dessert for breakfast.  Huh?  Yes, you heard me - put that slice of pecan pie in the fridge and eat it with your morning espresso.  You'll have extra motivation to get out of bed in the morning, and you'll have better appetite control all day.  The reason is that when you eat late-night desserts they give you an insulin spike and sugar crash that makes you hungry in the middle of the night.  Many diets recommend eating a spoonful of oil or fat before bed to suppress hunger in your sleep.  If you do get hungry during the night try this - a teaspoon or two of almond butter  (mono-unsaturated fat) or coconut oil (saturated fat) before bed will suppress your hunger during the night and the next day - you won't overeat at breakfast and you will eat less all day.

Limit Alcohol

Alcohol not only makes you say and do stupid things, it makes you eat stupid things.  Alcohol disinhibits your brain at the pre-frontal cortex - the planning and decision-making headquarters.  When this part of the brain is off duty you are much more willing to give in to your animal desires without thinking about the consequences.  You'll be a lot more willing to eat unhealthy foods in large amounts simply because they look yummy.
Alcohol has lots of other negative effects including increasing belly-fat, altering the sleep cycle, and increasing insulin resistance.
It may seem difficult at first but try giving up alcohol 2 days a week.  You'll notice a huge difference in how you feel, sleep, and especially your hunger levels.   Your libido will also likely improve!


Do you wake up every day in a groggy fog?  Do you pass out the second your head hits the pillow.  Guess what?  You're sleep-deprived.  When you don't get enough of the restorative phases of the sleep cycle, REM for the brain and slow-wave sleep for the body, your stress hormones are elevated and this causes you to eat more all day.  Give yourself time to wind down at night.  Devise a relaxing  pre-bedtime ritual free of screen-time, allowing your melatonin (sleep hormone) levels to rise.  Try targeting a time 1 hour before your usual for lights out.  If you make it to bed even a half-hour earlier you're good.  You'll eat less all day guaranteed.


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