Make Them Say “Whoa!”

You want to check yourself out in the dressing room mirror and say – “WOW!”

You want other guys and girls to check you out in jeans or a bathing suit or especially when you’re undressing and say – “Whoa!

You want to shoot selfies from behind.

Admit it.

Stop Wasting Your Time – Start shooting rear-selfies!

Stop wasting your time with standard squats that aren’t giving you the results you want.

Those repetitive, linear,  core stabilized, one-dimensional mid-range isolation moves that everyone at the gym is doing are never gonna get you there.

If you want a hot booty you have to literally sculpt every line, curve, angle, fold, cleft, overhang, shadow, dimple, cleft and jiggle that you want to see in the mirror – and do it quickly and efficiently, without all the wasted time and effort.

have you ever wondered why olympic divers and yogis have such perfect butts?

I have, and I decided I wanted one too

so I analyzed the anatomy and applied biomechanical principles to come up with a plan, a system, to sculpt the booty I wanted to see in the mirror

these moves are designed to accentuate the cheek, fold, and dimple that define a hot booty, and firm up the overhang for the perfect jiggle – step by step.


Rear view of the gluteus maximus muscle
Glute landmarks 15

Notice the similarities between downward dog and the pike position – both are hip folds that lengthen and stretch the gluteal fibers over the butt bone (the direction of the fibers is shown in the anatomical diagram in yellow).  If you want your glutes to pop the key is to hyper-define the anatomical landmarks labelled in the diagram.  The maximal lengthening of the lower gluteal fiber combined with the opposing muscle force of the hamstrings in these targeted moves hyper-define the  dimple and fold that accentuate the plump, round firmness of the butt cheek.

Tuck positions

deep hip flex in the pike position for divers and downward dog for yogis



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3 leg dog – Learn This Move!3 leg dog 11

The fold at the hip lengthens the lower gluteal fibers over the butt bone so the concentric contraction of the
muscle fibers as the leg rises into the air begins in
an end-terminal contraction.  This end-terminal contraction simulates fibers that are completely ignored by the mid-range isolation move of a standard squat so instead of bulking up the mid range of the muscle it gives greater definition to more muscle fiber in less time with less energy wasted.








Download the Free Step-by-Step Video Mini-Course Now!

Pike Squat – Learn to fold deeper for an even more intense end-terminal gluteal contraction

Pike squat 11Pike Squat is a deeper hip fold which, when combined with a squat gives the gluteal muscle a forceful contraction while maintaining its length – this hyper defines the lower fibers and all the aesthetic hotspots that you want to see in the mirror

squat as low as you can on flat heels and on the upstroke, straighten your legs as much as possible while maintaining the fold at the hip.  Notice how much deeper the diver’s tuck (pike position) is -try to maintain the depth for the hip fold throughout the contraction to get stimulate the maximum number of muscle fibers and get the most booty definition for your efforts.  This is an intense contraction which is easier to learn on an incline (facing downhill) or with a mat or rolled towel under your heels – it will be well worth the effort – you will start seeing gluteal definition that you could never achieve with standard squats.



Firefly – oh yeah!

This is where the money is – Firefly – The deepest fold of all – technically speaking this is hyper flexion of the hip joint with an even deeper fold – in the starting position the thighs are hyper flexed – beyond the torso.

so the gluteal fibers are lengthened beyond any squat – you’ll never see a powerful end-terminal contraction like this with standard gym squats – which is exactly why this is the way to sculpt a shapely booty.

Firefly glute diagramthe fibers that pull the thigh back are powerfully contracting statically against the shelf formed by the upper arm.

try this move on an incline facing downhill or with a rolled yoga mat under your heels when you start as you’ll find it easier to learn.

so stop wasting your time with standard squats and not getting the results you want

Firefly 11

Firefly combines hyper-flexion of the hip joint (the torso is folded past parallel with the thighs) with a powerful end-terminal isometric contraction of the gluteal extension fibers as they press the thighs against the upper arms – WOW – this is a serious move!

start doing these moves and before you know it you’ll start loving the booty you see in the mirror – you’ll be  shooting selfies from behind in no time. 


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