23 High-Protein Breakfasts to Keep You Full All Morning

Spoiler alert: They’re not all eggs.

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Counting Calories Doesn’t Work

Forget counting calories – the key to fat loss is hunger control and metabolism.  Here’s how to put modern science to work for you as soon as you get out of bed in the morning.


Why Eggs?

Did you know that eggs are the least expensive source of complete protein?  Don’t toss the yolks, that’s where the healthiest, most filling calories are.


Why Whole Grains?

Do you know why whole grains (like quinoa & steel-cut oats) are better than the refined grains in most cereal boxes?  Whole grains still have the germ, endosperm, and bran – which is where the phytonutrients and fiber are.  Fiber slows digestion so you fill up faster and stay satisfied longer.


Whole grains  have a more hearty, gritty mouth feel and a more satisfying stomach-feel.  Once you start eating whole grains, the packaged stuff will start tasting like cardboard and mush in comparison.


What About Fat?

One huge misconception contributed more to the obesity epidemic than any other: the erroneous idea that eating fat makes you fat.  It doesn’t.  In fact, fat fills you up quicker than any other nutrient and it suppresses hunger.   Sugar, on the other hand, makes you hungry and makes you store more belly fat.


The healthiest fats, called “mono-unsaturated”, come from plants and trees like avocados, almonds, and olives.


Control your hunger and change your metabolism today

The biggest impact you are likely to have is with breakfast.  Try some of these recipes.  If your breakfasts include healthy protein and whole grains instead of refined carbs and sugar, you will change your metabolism, store less body fat, and get a jump-start on hunger control every morning.


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